Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us as we are always happy to help!

Personalizing Your Hat

How do I customize my hat?

If you are creating your own hat, go to our Virtual Hat Bar and select your hat, bands, add-on accessories, and personalized branding. Select as many options as you want and we will make your vision come to reality!

If you are purchasing a West Hill Designed Hat, personalize it further with branding or more add-on accessories.

I want a custom hat, but am not very creative...could you create a hat for me?

Yes! We have a great selection of pre-designed hats - check out West Hill Designed Hats. You can further personalize these hats with branding and more add-on accessories.

If you still have not found what you are looking for, please send us an e-mail with your style, favorite colors, interests, initials, symbols or numbers important to you! Sending us your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media is a great way for us to create something that fits your style!

We are always happy to help and love creating one-of-kind pieces unique to you!

How do I make sure branding is in the order and where I want it?

Select all branding characters you want and add them to the cart. In your cart, write in "special instructions":

  • Order of characters (e.g., MLB75,longhorn)
  • Area of characters (e.g., crown, top brim, under brim)
  • Location of characters (e.g., N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW - N = front, S = back)

Notes example: 'MLB75 top brim S, longhorn crown NE' will brand "MLB75" on top brim on back of hat, and "longhorn" symbol on front right part of crown. 

Can I customize multiple hats in the same order?

Of course! Select multiple hats and items you want for all hats. We find it easier to create one hat a time, and then simply repeat the steps - let your imagination run wild!

Before checking out, please go to your cart and identify which options go with what hat in "special instructions".

Can I see my custom hat before it gets branded and shipped?

Yes, if you want to see your custom created hat before we brand or ship, please let us know in the "special instructions" section of your cart. Otherwise, we will ship to you once your custom hat is complete.

Where Else Can I Get Your Hats

Can you provide an onsite hat bar at my home or for my event?

Yes! We are located in Dripping Springs, Texas (near Austin), but can travel to anywhere in the United States (note, a travel or booking fee may be required depending on your location or number of guests). An 8-hat purchase minimum is required. 

As with all our sales, a portion from your event will go to charity (and we can discuss an agreed upon charity that may be most important to you or your event)!

Please contact us to discuss details and please include: date, time window, # guests, and location.

Do you provide an onsite hat bar at different venues?

Yes! We are always open to partner with local businesses that would like to provide a hat bar experience at their location. We are located in Dripping Springs, Texas (near Austin). Please contact us to further discuss.

If you want to see where West Hill might be next, follow us on Instagram! We hope to see you there!

I own a you sell West Hill designed hats in store?

We are happy to sell our West Hill designed hats through your boutique! We can also design hats specific to your boutique's style and client needs.

As with all our sales, a portion through your boutique will go to charity (and we can discuss an agreed upon charity that may be most important to you)! Please contact us to discuss details.

Shipping and Returns

How long does it take to receive my hat?

Given the custom nature of each hat, we aim to deliver your hat 7-10 business days after your order (subject to change based on demand).

We offer standard shipping (~3-5 business days after hat made) and expedited shipping (~1-2 business days after hat made). If you spend $150 or more, you get free standard shipping!

I need my hat you provide expedited service and rush shipping?

Yes, we will try to make every effort to accommodate expedited hat requests. Rush shipping will be an additional charge versus our normal shipping rates. Please contact us to discuss.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, given the custom nature of hats, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

If you encounter any issue, please contact us so we can address, as we strive for creating a wonderful hat journey experience!

General Hat Info

Are all your hats 100% wool? If so, how do they compare to polyblend material?

Yes, all hats we sell are 100% wool!

We always tell our clients to know exactly the material hat they are purchasing - whether through West Hill or any other hat company. Polyblend is typically cheaper, but we believe the quality of 100% wool is superior. Not to mention, if you want branding, you will notice a considerable difference in quality, and for us, there is no question that 100% wool hat wins!

Do I need to select a hat size?

It depends...the majority of hats we offer are 57cm (22.4in) around the inside part of the crown, but are adjustable!

If multiple sizes are available, you will see an option to select a size when selecting your hat.

Do you offer hats for men?

Yes! We provide men's hats (100% wool and straw) at our events, but if you are interested in designing one online, please contact us with what you are looking for!