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West Hill Hat Collection

Single Feathers

Single Feathers

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Description - Feathers


  • Colors include navy blue, brown, ivory
  • Size ranges from 4.7"-6.3" (12cm-16cm)


  • Colors include brown, tan, black, ivory
  • Size ranges from 8"-10" (20cm-25cm)

Turkey (White)

  • Size ranges from 6"-8"

Pheasant (Medium)

  • Colors include brown, tan, black
  • Size ranges from 4"-10"

Pheasant (Large)

  • Colors include brown, tan, black
  • Size ranges from 8"-11"

Ostrich (White; Black)

  • Size ranges from 10"-12" (25cm-30cm)


  • Painted gold feather
  • Size ranges from 5"-6"

Peacock (Standard, Ivory)

  • Colors include green, blue, aqua
  • Size ranges from 10"-12" (cut down to 6"-8")

Black Spotted

  • Black feather with white spots
  • Size ranges from 6"-10"

Accent Feathers (Browns; Greys)

  • "Clump" of small feathers

 Mini Feathers (White, Brown, Tan)

  • Size ranges from 2-3"
Images may show multiple feathers, but quantity is for a specific number of feather(s), not total shown in an image. Given variations, actual feather may differ slightly from images. Feathers may also be cut and differ from sizes above to proportionately match to hat size and accessories. 
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