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West Hill Hat Collection

The "Drip"

The "Drip"

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Description - The "Drip"

  • Tan wool rancher style hat with a round pointed crown and a stiff slightly upturned brim
  • Hat is very lightly distressed - edges of the brim, top of the crown
  • Branded “DRIP” on the northwest side of the hat (north is front)
  • Band is a 1.5” maroon velvet cotton
  • Topped with a gold paperclip chain and a gold paw pin
  • Two gold feathers and two white accent feathers tucked in band on east side
  • Size: 57cm (22.4in) - Adjustable 

Note: distressed hats may have slight odor until fully aired out. Actual color / distressing may differ slightly from images due to custom nature of each hat. 

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